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Couchsurfing in Cebu

Hey y’all. Writing to you from the airport, where we are scrambling to figure out how to not eat the cost of a flight we’re about to miss due to our first plane being delayed. Ah, the joys of travel. Just today Kev and I were discussing how we’ve missed exactly two flights, one train, and countless buses since we started this journey. Looks like we’re about to add one more to the list! Sigh.

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Puerto Princessa & Sabang

Hello from Boracay, where we are actually having a bit of good weather at the moment!! (Hope I didn’t just jinx it..)

Last time Kevin wrote about El Nido, where it rained on us every. single. day. And not just a sprinkle in the afternoon. Heavy rains and thunderstorms pretty much the entire time. Eventually, after 5 days inside trying to wait out the weather, we had to give up and move on. We decided to spend our last few days on Palawan in Sabang visiting the Underground River, so we headed first to Puerto Princessa to secure our permits.

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Getting Scuba Certified in Coron

Heeeeey, all!

Trying to overcome the crippling writer’s block that has kept me from documenting our first stop in the Philippines: Coron.

Despite the never ending rain that has canceled the majority of my plans thus far in the Philippines, I feel like I’ve been pretty damn busy. No one ever tells you how much work goes into planning a multi-country, long term trip, especially when you’re trying to do it from the road. I’m really loving it here, though, despite the terrible weather, and I feel like it would be a disservice to not power through and finish blogging to the end. So, here goes.

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Kuala Lumpur & Singapore

Hey guys! Writing to you from the out-of-this-world BEAUTIFUL Philippines, where Kevin and I arrived yesterday after yet another sleepless night of travel. Ugh, we really gotta stop that. It’s the second all-nighter we’ve pulled in the last week!

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Back to Thailand!

Kevin and I were totally (and unexpectedly) wiped out when we first flew back into Bangkok after our intense 7 weeks of volunteering for the YMCA. At first we had hoped to hop on a bus almost immediately to Surat Thani and make it to Koh Phangan in time for the Full Moon Party. However, the idea of getting out of bed, let alone braving the 12+ hour trip and then dealing with hoards of trashed farang, proved too daunting for us in our exhausted state and we ended up taking a pass. Although it was a total bummer to miss out on the biggest, most legendary party in Southeast Asia, staying in Bangkok for a few extra days and relaxing was the smart choice, for physical and economical reasons (everything on the island is 2-3xs more expensive around FMP!). We honestly just didn’t have it in us at that point to slam back buckets of mystery liquor, wade through crowds of neon tank tops, or dance until sunrise to monotonous techno beats. So, we hid out in Bangkok until the crowds cleared and the prices normalized. Sigh. We are no fun.

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Hey guys! Kevin and I are sitting around our hostel waiting to head to the station to catch our overnight train + ferry combo to Koh Tao, an island in the Gulf of Thailand. We’ve finally rested enough to feel ready to venture outside of our hostel in Bangkok, where we’ve been hiding out/sleeping for days after finally wrapping up our time at the YMCA in Taiwan. I’m dreading the long trip, but I can’t wait to be relaxing beach-side for the next several days.

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Lukang Old Town

This has been a really strange week. For one, we are down to our last 6 days in Taiwan and the reality that we have to figure out what we’re doing next is hitting us. Hard. We have been putting off everything that isn’t related to the YMCA since we got here because this “fun easy” camp job is completely consuming. Realizing that the next stage is coming and soon, we are scrambling to figure out how to spend our last 3 months abroad. Which brings up another thing: it is hitting us like a ton of bricks that we only have 3 months left abroad. Compared to the almost 19 that we’ve already been away, this is definitely the homestretch and the end is quickly approaching. There is so much excitement and anxiety involved with thinking about coming home that we don’t even know what to feel. I guess it’s a good thing that the YMCA is leaving us almost no time to process it.

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Dear Blog,

I have not forgotten about you, I promise. I have thought almost everyday, “I should write a blog about my time in Taichung so far…” However, most of my time has been spent working at the YMCA, and after 9 hours of screaming at children, 5 days a week, I somehow don’t feel that inspired to think about it more once I get home and put my feet up. Thus, I have resolved to leave it be for the time being and write about my insane camp experience as a whole once it’s over. In the meantime, I do want to keep up with all of our fun outings and weekend trips around Taiwan.

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