Vietnam Budget


Here is the breakdown of our spending during our 55 days spent in Vietnam from March 14th until May 7th.  All numbers are for two people.

Some notes:

  • The “Bought a Bike” total is only the money we could not recoup from selling the bike at the end.
  • The “Total Spending” includes all categories.
  • The “Average Per Day for Two People” is the “Total Spending” divided by 55 days. (It includes money lost on the bike, our HaLong Bay tour, and visas/permits.)

Download (PDF, Unknown)

This is the daily breakdown of our expenses.

  • The miscellaneous category includes Skype credit (to call home), toiletries, ATM fees, lost money in conversions, etc.
  • Smaller/less expensive tours were added to the “Attractions” category.
  • The category “Sold Uncle Ho” was the money we recouped from selling our motorbike named Uncle Ho. 🙂
  • The HaLong Bay tour, motorbike purchase, and visa/permits are not factored into the “Daily Total Spending.”

Download (PDF, Unknown)

Feel free to contact us, through email or by commenting below, with any questions and don’t forget to read about all of our trials and triumphs in Vietnam!

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