I can’t believe it’s been almost 2 months since we celebrated Kevin’s birthday in Kobe! I really wanted to do something special for Kevin, but was seriously struggling to shop while we were abroad and together 24/7. So, I snuck away to pick up a few little sweet treats for him to open, but planned on making the real gift a surprise trip to Kobe, where we could taste the legendary beef that we had previously written off as out of our budget.

After a cheap, quick train ride from Osaka, we headed straight to Wakkoku for lunch. By making our splurge meal lunch instead of dinner we ended up saving a ton of money, but still got to appreciate the Kobe beef experience in all it’s deliciousness. Mmmmh, my mouth is watering just remembering this day. I’m happy to report that our meal was perfect and I really think Kevin was surprised and satisfied with my birthday plans. Victory!

Birthday boy with some birthday sake!

Birthday boy with some birthday sake!

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Veggies, beef, delicious mustard, lots of salt. MMH!

Veggies, beef, delicious mustard, lots of S&P. MMH!

I had a whole day of activities planned, including walking through some of the more scenic, historic neighborhoods and a museum visit, but unfortunately the weather was not on our side. It rained the entire day. Kevin was already sick and dragging a bit, so we decided to make it a half day venture, and only stay for the reeeeally important stuff: free sake brewery tours with complimentary tastings.

A cute side street in Kobe!

A cute side street in Kobe!

We visited two beautiful breweries with tons of information about the sake brewing process. Although the exhibits were very well done, I still couldn’t tell you how it’s made in any real detail. I suppose we’ll leave it to the experts. We happily tasted several different flavors and styles of sake before purchasing gifts for many of the men in our lives. It was all pretty delicious!

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From what I could tell from our short walk about, Kobe is quaint in a big Japanese city kind of way, and has a lot more to offer in the way of tasty food and interesting sights than we were able to squeeze in. When we return to Osaka as rich people with more time and money to spend, I will definitely return to Kobe!

Until then…

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    I have never heard of this city before. Is it a really big city?

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